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Fig. 1

From: Chromosome number and ploidy level of balm (Melissa officinalis)

Fig. 1

a-f: Mitotic metaphase chromosomes of balm (Melissa officinalis) after FISH with 18/25S rRNA and 5S rRNA-specific probes. Above (a, c, e): FISH, red 18/25S rDNA, green 5S rDNA, arrows mark weak signals, below (b, d, f): DAPI stained chromosomes; a: diploid MELI 1, 2n = 2x = 32; c: triploid BLBP 78, 2n = 3x = 48, e: tetraploid MELI 22, 2n = 4x = 64. The size bars equals 5 μm

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