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Chromosomal Instabilities and Cancer

Thematic Series: Chromosomal imbalances and cancer

Chromosomal imbalances have been known as common features of cancer genomes for a long time. However, we have started to comprehend their causative link to tumorigenesis only recently. Chromosomal instability – as a process leading to abnormal chromosome content and heterogeneity – has been widely researched and increasingly referred to as driving force behind malignant transformation and defining factor for cancer evolution.

The aim of this thematic series was to bring together the latest research findings and conceptual developments in the field of chromosomal imbalances and cancer, publishing original research papers on the complex interplay of chromosomal instability and aneuploidy in cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, and papers exploring potential translational aspects.

Guest Editor: Emanuela V. Volpi, University of Westminster

Publication: Closed for additional submissions