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Table 1 Results of two fetuses with sSMC

From: Prenatal genetic analysis and differential pregnancy outcomes of two de novo cases showing mosaic isodicentric Y chromosome

Fetus No.Fetus 1Fetus 2
Karyotypingmos 45, X[92]/46, X,+ idic(Y)[8]mos 45,X[20]/46,X,+ idic(Y)[80]
SNP Array7.76 Mb deletion in Yq11.222q11.23; 15.68 Mb duplication in Yp11.2q11.2121 Mb repetition in Yp11.3q11.223
FISHmos nuc ish(DXZl×1,DYZ3 × 0)[178]/(DXZl×1, DYZ3×2)[22]mos nuc ish(DXZl×1,DYZ3×0)[38]/ (DXZl×1, DYZ3×2)[162]
AZFAZFa(+) AZFb+c(−)AZFa+b + c(+)
Parental comparison(−)(−)
OutcomePregnancy terminated by no fetal examination.Normal male born with normal development at 10 months of age