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Fig. 3

From: Molecular cytogenetic identification of small supernumerary marker chromosomes using chromosome microarray analysis

Fig. 3

Cytogenetic and molecular results of case P16. The marker is highlighted by a pink arrow in a and e. a In thirteen out of the one hundred studied cells, G-banding revealed a karyotype 46, X,+mar. b In the other eighty-seven cells, G banding revealed a karyotype 45, X. c The sSMC of case P16 characterized after SNP array covering 2.8 Mb [arr [GRCh37]Yq11.22q11.222(17,082,004_19,927,040) × 2] in chromosome Y and 7.7 Mb [arr[GRCh37]Yq11.222q11.23(21,035,823_28,799,654) × 0] in chromosome Y. d and e FISH using DXZ1 and DYZ3 probes for X and Y chromosomes centromeres (green and red signals, respectively). Confirmatory metaphase FISH results of this sSMC using the DYZ3 probe specific for Yq11.2 revealed that 4% of the cells had four distinct signals and 8% of the cells had two distinct signals

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