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Fig. 5 | Molecular Cytogenetics

Fig. 5

From: The rare mutation in the endosome-associated recycling protein gene VPS50 is associated with human neural tube defects

Fig. 5

a Distribution of the four categories in each of the experimental groups. We clustered these injected embryos into four categories according to the severity of their morphology. Grade 1: WT like; Grade 2: mild, curving axis compared with WT embryos; Grade 3: moderate, up to 1/3 shortened axis; Grade 4: severe, the body axis just extended out of the range of the yolk ball. b Injection of vps50-MOs yielded high proportion abnormal phenotypes. Wild-type VPS50 exhibited higher efficiency saving ability than the p. Gly169Val mutation. Dosage-dependent rescue of vps50 knock-down zebrafish embryo with Human VPS50 mRNA. 6 ng vps50-MOs were coinjected with 0, 200, and 400 pg of VPS50 mRNA. The number above each bar was the total number of embryos counted. The P value was calculated by chi-squared analysis

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