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Table 5 The PPV of NIPT for fetal SCAs with different prenatal diagnosis indications

From: The application of NIPT using combinatorial probe-anchor synthesis to identify sex chromosomal aneuploidies (SCAs) in a cohort of 570 pregnancies

Sex chromosomal aneuploidies Prenatal diagnostic indications
True positive rate(%)(Amniocentesis/ NIPT)
Types advanced maternal age others serological screening high/ critical risk value
45,X 45.45(5/11) 25.00(2/8)
47,XXY 72.73(8/11) 100.00(1/1)
47,XYY 50.00 (1/2) — (0/0)
47,XXX 100.00(7/7) 100.00(2/2) 0.00(0/1)
Total 67.74(21/31) 45.45(5/11) 0.00(0/1)