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Table 1 Antibodies used for PLA assay

From: Optimization of proximity ligation assay (PLA) for detection of protein interactions and fusion proteins in non-adherent cells: application to pre-B lymphocytes

Antigen Species Name Concentration Reference
RUNX1 mouse Anti-RUNX1 1 mg/mL ab110035 (Abcam)
RUNX1 rabbit Anti-RUNX1 1 mg/mL ab23980 (Abcam)
ETV6 mouse Anti-ETV6 0.5 mg/mL ab54705 (Abcam)
ETV6 rabbit Anti-ETV6 0.2 mg/mL sc11382 (Santa Cruz biotechnology)
ETV6 rabbit Anti-ETV6 0.2 mg/mL sc166865 (Santa Cruz biotechnology)
CBFB rabbit Anti-CBFB 1 mg/mL ab133600 (Abcam)