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Fig. 7

From: Nucleolus-like body of mouse oocytes contains lamin A and B and TRF2 but not actin and topo II

Fig. 7

Immunogold labeling of TRF2, Lamin B and Lamin A in mouse oocytes. TRF2 - TRF2 is component of NLB at stage 3, IGCs contain few grains of label, while at the previous stages IGCs are heavily stained (insert); Lamin B - Oocyte NLB of 1st stage is enriched with Lamin B. Note loose NLB structure and absence of condensed chromatin blocks on his NLB periphery, which is typical for 1st stage NLB; Lamin A - Oocyte NLB of 3d stage is enriched with Lamin A. Note blocks of condensed chromatin (Chr) at the NLB surface. Bars are indicated for each image

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