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Table 3 Recombination on YY bivalents in the 47, XYY patient

From: Preferential Y-Y pairing and synapsis and abnormal meiotic recombination in a 47,XYY man with non obstructive azoospermia

Cell type No. of cells analyzed No. (%a) of cells with recombination in Yp No. (%a) of cells with recombination in Yq Total recombination in YY bivalent (%)
YY partially synapsed 47 21 (44.7 %)a 0 44.7%a
YY completely synapsed 18 4(22.2 %)a 2 (11.1 %)a 33.3%a
Total (%) 65 25 (38.5 %)a 2 (3.0 %)a 41.5%a
  1. Sex chromosomes recombination was determined by MLH1 signals
  2. aThe percentages were calculated by dividing the number of cells showing recombination on Y chromosomes with the number of cells analyzed