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Table 1 KL-BOBs™ and conventional cytogenetic characteristics

From: Aneusomy detection with Karyolite-Bac on Beads® is a cost-efficient and high throughput strategy in the molecular analyses of the early pregnancy conception losses

  KL-BOBs™ GTG Karyotype
Tissue Culture Not necessary Necessary, 50 % fails to grow
Final result 24–48 h 1 month
Interpretation of the results Friendly-software Skilled and trained lab-person
Throughput-technique High Low
Technical problems DNA Extraction (very rare), maternal contamination Bacterial infection, maternal cell contamination, tissue maceration, poor chromosomal morphology
Chromosomal abnormalities detection Aneuploides (representing 90 % of the pregnancy losses) Numerical, structural, triploidies and tetraploidies
Mosaics Above 15–20 % At leaste25 good quality metaphases
Cost efficient Cost efficient Not-cost efficient
  1. Advantages and disadvantages of each technique