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Table 1 Collection sites of Hoplias species, with the respective sample sizes and museum codes identification

From: Comparative cytogenetics in the genus Hoplias (Characiformes, Erythrinidae) highlights contrasting karyotype evolution among congeneric species

Species Locality Number Museum deposit
Hoplias brasiliensis Grão Mogol (MG) – Itacambiruçú River (Jequitinhonha River Basin) 08♂ 02♀ EAO2014103101
Hoplias aimara Querência (MT) – Xingu River (Amazon River Basin) 03♂ 01♀ EAO2014080302
Hoplias intermedius Fish culture facility (Poço Fundo – MG) 04♂ 04♀ EAO2014082801
Hoplias lacerdae Fish culture facility (Poço Fundo – MG) 02♂ 06♀ EAO2014082802
  1. MT Mato Grosso, MG Minas Gerais States