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Figure 4

From: Clinico-radiological and molecular characterization of a child with ring chromosome 2 presenting growth failure, microcephaly, kidney and brain malformations

Figure 4

Results of array-CGH analysis. A) Chromosomal view. B) Zoom in view of short arm of the ring chromosome 2 shows a ~470 kb deletion at 2 pter-p25.3 (chr2:0–469,973) (NCBI build 37). C) Zoom in view of long arm of the ring chromosome 2 shows a 3.4 Mb deletion at 2q37.3-qter(chr2:239,636,228-243,041,364). Array-CGH results were described as: arr 2pterp25.3(chr2:30,341-469,973)x1, 2q37.3qter(chr2:239,636,228-243,041,364)x1 (ISCN 2013).

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