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Table 1 Both deletions, genomic positions and genes concerned based on hg19 (GRCh37)

From: Double Xp11.22 deletion including SHROOM4 and CLCN5 associated with severe psychomotor retardation and Dent disease

Chromosome region Genomic position Length Count of gene symbols Gene Symbols
Xp11.22 49,823,986-49,971,921 147936 2 AKAP4, CLCN5
Xp11.22 50,070,457-52,693,963 2623507 23 BMP15, CCNB3, CENPVP1, CENPVP2, DGKK, GSPT2, MAGED1, MAGED4, MAGED4B, NUDT10, NUDT11, SHROOM4, SNORA11D, SNORA11E, SSX7, SSX8, XAxGE1A, XAGE1B, XAGE1C, XAGE1D, XAGE1E, XAGE2, XAGE2B