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Table 1 Screened clones of Pima 90–53 BAC library

From: Construction of cytogenetic map of Gossypium herbaceum chromosome 1 and its integration with genetic maps

SSR markers Screened clones from BAC library
NAU1215 300N10
CIR342 268E2; 268K2
NAU1023 311A4; 311A11
NAU2285 328O10; 263K18
MUSS211 184B22
NAU2015 305A19
NAU3135 85P13; 377G4; 377H5; 247P16; 247P17; 325M9; 325M10
NAU4044 400L15
NAU4891 81B19; 81E20; 171I16
NAU3022 30A18; 106P24
NAU3384 328L13
NAU5100 389I13; 389L19; 389J15; 376M12; 311M1; 311M2
NAU2474 144E4; 165B11
BNL2921 260J3; 400L3; 400P6
TMB0062 298N21; 403A13; 423C18; 423C19; 424A12
HAU076 249G3; 249G4; 249I5; 325N10; 378J7; 398J5; 398H5; 249G5