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Archived Comments for: Genes on B chromosomes of vertebrates

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  1. Erratum: correction of Figure 2 legend

    Sam Rose, BioMed Central

    24 December 2014

    On behalf of senior author Vladimir Trifonov:

    Part of Figure 2 has already been published before in an article we published in 2005. It is cited in the manuscript as reference [40]: 

    Graphodatsky AS, Kukekova AV, Yudkin DV, Trifonov VA, Vorobieva NV, Beklemisheva VR, Perelman PL, Graphodatskaya DA, Trut LN, Yang F: The proto-oncogene C-KIT maps to canid B-chromosomes. Chromosome Res 2005, 13:113–122.

    Thus, the phrase "our unpublished data" on page 4 is not correct. We thank Dmitry V. Yudkin for indicating the error.

    Competing interests

    No competing interests.