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Archived Comments for: Large cryptic genomic rearrangements with apparently normal karyotypes detected by array-CGH

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  1. Typing errors

    Alfredo Brusco, University of Turin

    22 December 2014

    Two typing errors were reported in the text:

    1) Case 6. The table I and figure correctly show that this patient had deletion of the 15q11.1q14. In the results section, case 6 is wrongly reported as carrying a deletion at 15q26.1q26.3.

    2) Table I. Patient 7 with two duplications in 7p. The correct array formula is:

    arr 7p22.3p22.2 (92,532-4,176,031)x3, 7p22.1p21.2 (7,044,310-15,709,683)x3

    We thank the reader who noticed these errors.

    Alfredo Brusco

    Competing interests

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