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Table 2 A summary of IVF patients’ data for blastocyst cryopreservation following morphology assessment plus aCGH screening (Group A), or morphology assessment alone (Group B)

From: Selection of euploid blastocysts for cryopreservation with array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) results in increased implantation rates in subsequent frozen and thawed embryo transfer cycles

Parameters Group A Group B
Patients enrolled 55 48
Blastocysts evaluated by morphology 425 389
Blastocysts analyzed by aCGH 425 n/a
Euploid blastocysts identified by aCGH 226 n/a
% Cryopreserved blastocysts among non-transferred* 28.3% 40.4%
  1. *Group A vs. Group B, p = 0.003 (by Chi-square analysis).