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Figure 1

From: Chromosome anomalies in bone marrow as primary cause of aplastic or hypoplastic conditions and peripheral cytopenia: disorders due to secondary impairment of RUNX1 and MPL genes

Figure 1

Ideograms of the normal chromosome 21, and of the rearranged 21s. The der(21) of patient 1 (A), and the inv(21) of patient 2 (B), summarizing the most informative FISH results. The following symbols represent the probes related to RUNX1 sequences used, and the corresponding exons are indicated in the figure, with signals present, not present or weak: # WI2-1915K14, CTD-2349F18, WI2-942D2, WI2-605D9, CTD-2235K24, WI2-847D7, WI2-542L2, weak signal, NP signal not present. The other BAC probes used and mentioned in the text, but not related to RUNX1 sequences, are shown in the figure with other symbols

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