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Figure 1

From: Array-based comparative genomic hybridization is more informative than conventional karyotyping and fluorescence in situ hybridization in the analysis of first-trimester spontaneous abortion

Figure 1

Chromosome distribution of 61 abnormalities within (white column, 43 cases) or beyond (black column, 18 cases) FISH probe sets. Approximately 30% of abnormalities could not be detected using these seven FISH probes. Most chromosome abnormalities were aneuploids, with the exception of four triploids and three segmental imbalances. *Segmental imbalances included one del 7p21.3-22.3, one dup 9p and one del 18p. The del 18p was not detected by FISH analysis as the probe was targeted at the centromere of chromosome 18. Chr: Chromosome.

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