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Table 2 FISH probes used inside the 2q22.1-2q22.3 region to confirm the array data[15, 16]

From: Severe intellectual disability, omphalocele, hypospadia and high blood pressure associated to a deletion at 2q22.1q22.3: case report

Locus signals BACs Accession number Start position (bp) End position (bp)
2q22.1 2x RP11-112 N16 AC010873 137,567,308 137,747,509
2q22.1 del RP11-731 F1 AC069394.6 138,791,256 138,964,607
2q22.1 del RP11-597P14 AC097523 138,954,985 139,129,617
2q22.1 del RP11-231E19 AC092620.2 139,299,060 139,450,096
2q22.1 del RP11-137 J9 AC092837 139,462,901 139,629,396
2q22.1 del RP11-432O12 AC023468 139,608,867 139,779,582
2q22.1 del RP11-15D9 AC109345 139,736,474 139,903,043
2q22.1 del RP11-164E7 AC108036 141,266,879 141,423,790
2q22.3 2x RP11-64O2 AQ237761 AQ237759 145,181,324 145,355,222
2q23.3 2x RP11-58 K7 AQ201454 AQ201457 153,589,449 153,743,069