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Figure 2

From: A novel unbalanced de novo translocation der(5)t(4;5)(q26;q21.1) in adult T-cell precursor lymphoblastic leukemia

Figure 2

High-resolution array CGH reveals the unbalanced translocation der(5)t(4;5)(q26;q21.1) and three small copy number alterations.

To the right of the individual ideograms microarray profiles of copy number gains and losses are depicted. Gain is indicated by blue color and loss is indicated by red color as an overlay on the ideogram. The log2 ratios for each chromosome are −2.5, 0, and +2.5 as illustrated for chromosome 1. Red triangles indicate small copy number aberrations that are not known CNVs at 3q22.3 (pos. 140,098,965-140,157,676), Xp22.1 (pos. 24,674,165-24,767,944) and Xq21.1 (78,433,612-78,518,546).

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