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Figure 3

From: A rare case of t(11;22) in a mantle cell lymphoma like B-cell neoplasia resulting in a fusion of IGL and CCND1: case report

Figure 3

Metaphase and interphase FISH. (a) FISH showing 3 signals for CCND1 due to a translocation at the CCND1 locus on 11(q13). CCND1 on 11(q13) is marked in red, IGH on 14(q32) is marked in green. (b) FISH confirming IGL rearrangement with an IGL dual-color breakapart probe. Broad arrows show separated signals for the IGL proximal region in red and for the distal region in green. The open arrow shows a fusion signal for the normal chromosome 22. (c) FISH with a CCND1/IGL tri-color, dual-fusion probe, showing the IGL/CCND1 translocation. CCND1 on 11(q13) marked in Spectrum Orange and Spectrum Green, IGL on 22(q11.2) marked in Spectrum Aqua. The broad arrow shows the derivative chromosome 22 and the open arrow the derivative chromosome 11.

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