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Table 1 Methods and results of immunohistochemistry

From: Small blue round cell tumor of the interosseous membrane bearing a t(2;22)(q34;q12)/EWS-CREB1 translocation: a case report

Antibody Source Dilution/antigen retrieval Detection method Reactivity
CK AE1/AE3 Dako 1:200/protease digestion SA/Bi -
CK7 Dako 1:200/protease digestion SA/Bi -
CK20 Dako 1:500/protease digestion SA/Bi -
TTF1 Dako 1:100/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
EMA Dako 1:200/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
Vimentin Biogenex 1:10000/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
CD20 Dako 1:250/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
CD30 Dako 1:50/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
CD34 Cell Marque 1:50/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
Kappa light chain Dako 1:5000/protease digestion SA/Bi -
Lambda light chain Dako 1:10000/protease digestion SA/Bi -
CD68 Dako 1:800/CC1/95°C/8 min SA/Bi -
S-100 Univ. of Toronto 1:1000/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi - *
HMB-45 Dako 1:100/untreated SA/Bi -
Melan-A Cell Marque 1:50/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi - *
PNL2 Private source RTU/untreated Polymer based -
SMA Dako 1:200/untreated SA/Bi -
Desmin Dako 1:200/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi +++
H-Caldesmon Dako 1:200/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi -
Myogenin Dako 1:50/CC1/95°C/60 min Polymer based -
Myo-D1 Dako 1:60/citrate buffer (pH6.0) Polymer based -
CD99 Signet 1:20/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi +++
Synaptophysin Cell Marque 1:250/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi +++
Fli1 BD Pharmingen 1:20/CC1/95°C/60 min Polymer based -
WT1 Dako 1:50/CC1/95°C/60 min Polymer based -
Ki 67 Lab Vision 1:200/CC1/95°C/30 min SA/Bi >10%
  1. Dako, Carpinteria, CA, USA; Biogenex, San Ramon, CA, USA; Cell Marque, Rocklin, CA, USA; Signet, Dedham, MA, USA; BD Pharmingen, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA.
  2. SA/Bi: Streptavidin/biotin method; RTU: ready to use; CC1: Cell conditioning 1 (pH8.0) (Ventana medical systems, Tucson, AZ, USA).
  3. *Negative on the core and open biopsies, but patchy positive staining was identified in the resection specimen.