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Figure 4 | Molecular Cytogenetics

Figure 4

From: Chromosome r(10)(p15.3q26.12) in a newborn child: case report

Figure 4

Microarray hybridization for high-resolution mapping of break points on ring chromosome 10. Copy number loss "partial monosomy" was recorded for the short arm of Chr 10: (0-) 148,946 - 281,134, corresponding to cytobands 10pter-> p15.3. An enlarged insert with the corresponding CNAG copy number analysis results presented as a table is shown above. A larger terminal deleted region is seen on the right hand side (i.e. loss of 1 copy) of the long arm of Chr 10: 122,736,794 - 135,259,604, which corresponds to cytoband 10q26.12->qter. The SNP analysis shown below the chromosome 10 ideogram indicates loss of heterozygosity in this region (straight blue bar at bottom right), confirming the copy number results.

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