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Table 1 Clinical features of the case

From: Characterization of a rare mosaic X-ring chromosome in a patient with Turner syndrome

Clinical detail case
Age (in years) 10
Height (in cm) 120
Weight (in kg) 23.8
BMI 16.5
Growth retardation  + 
Menstrual status
Mental retardation
Web neck
Low set ears
Cubitus vulgus
Short fourth metacarpals
Cardiovascular abnormality
Autoimmune disorder
High arched palate
TSH (μIU/ml) 4.35
FSH (mIU/ml) 82.9
LH (mIU/ml) 17.86
E2 8.06
Development of secondary sexual characters Breast development—Tanner stage 2,axillary hairs and pubic hairs absent and shield chest
Renal malformation
Ultrasonographic report Ovarian dysplasia