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Table 1 Detection rates of abnormal karyotypes among different indications for prenatal genetic cordocentesis

From: Cytogenetic analysis of 3387 umbilical cord blood in pregnant women at high risk for chromosomal abnormalities

Indication for genetic diagnosisCases (%)Abnormal karyotype(n)(%)
Ultrasound soft markers2478 (73.16)502.02
USAF403 (11.90)4511.17
Advanced maternal age114 (3.37)2219.30
Abnormal MSS77 (2.27)67.79
EMFCA15 (0.44)533.33
NIPT positive66 (1.94)3146.97
KCAA52 (1.54)2344.23
  1. EMFCA: Either mother or father with chromosomal abnormality
  2. USAF: Ultrasonographic structural abnormal findings
  3. KCAA: Karyotype confirmation after amniocentesis