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Table 1 Results of aCGH. Summary of CNAs detected by aCGH

From: A new childhood ALL case with an extremely complex karyotype and acute spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome

Chr. Start–end band Genomic position: start–end
Variant type Size (Mb) COSMIC census cancer gene(s) within the region
7 p22.3p22.1 45,130–4,642,192 1 copy gain 4.6 CARD11
7 q21.3q36.3 96,556,335–159,128,556 1 copy gain 62.6 TRRAP, CUX1, CREB3L2, MET, POT1, SND1, SMO, TRB, TRIM24, KIAA1549, BRAF, FAM131B, CNTNAP2, EZH2, KMT2C, MNX1
11 q24.2q25 125,246,792–134,945,165 1 copy loss 9.7 FLI1, KCNJ5
18 p11.22p11.21 9,095,620–14,089,409 1 copy gain 4.99  
18 q11.1q23 18.550.472–78.012.829 1 copy gain 59.5 ZNF521,SS18, SETBP1, SMAD2, SMAD4, DCC, MALT1, BCL2, KDSR,