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Table 2 The four tumor suppressor genes most often involved in human MM acc. to [7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16], being deleted and/or mutated there are compared for copy number variant observed in the three studied cell lines

From: Cytogenomic characterization of three murine malignant mesothelioma tumor cell lines

Human gene/murine homologue AB1 AB22 AC29
BAP1 deletion 3p21.1 (+) + No CNV
CDKN2A deletion 9p21.2 No CNV No CNV No CNV
TP53 deletion 17p13.1 No CNV No CNV No CNV
NF2 deletion 22q12.2 No CNV No CNV No CNV
  1. Genomic locations (HG19/GRCh37): BAP1 - chr3:52,435,020-52,444,121; CDKN2A - chr9:21,967,751-21,994,490; TP53 - chr17:7,571,720-7,590,868; NF2 - chr22:29,999,545-30,094,589
  2. + = partially deleted; (+) = possibly deleted; no CNV = no copy number alteration; dup = duplication instead of deletion