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Table 1 Summary of test results of NIPT and aCGH in this two cases

From: Potential influence of parental copy number variations on noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT): two case reports

cffDNACNVz-scoreReadssample of fetusPeripheral blood of motherPeripheral blood of father
Case 119.70%1.1 Mb deletion at 21q21.1-10.764.29 Mbarr[hg19] 15q13.3(32021609-32444043)×1arr[hg19] 21q21.1(19731098-20834451)×1arr[hg19] 15q13.3(32021609-32444043)×1
Case 214.70%1.5 Mb deletion at 22q11.21-6.715.93 Mbarr[hg19] 22q11.21(18935464-20312661)×3arr[hg19] 22q11.21(20716876-21363447)×1arr[hg19] 22q11.21(18636749-21461017)×3