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Table 1 Results of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A)

From: Detection of a balanced translocation carrier through trophectoderm biopsy analysis: a case report

IVF cycle Embryo ID Embryo Grade PGT-A result
1 1 5AB Chaotic with multiple chromosome gains and losses
2 5AB 46,XX / 46,XX,t(7;10)(q21.11;q11.23)a
3 4BB 46,XY,del (7)(pter-q21.11)/dup (10)(pter-q11.23)
4 5AB 46,XX,dup (7)(q21.11-qter)/del (10)(q11.23-qter)
2 5 4AB 46,XX,del (3)(q26.1-q29)
6 4AB 45,XY,-6, del (7)(pter-q21.11)/dup (10)(pter-q11.23); multiple mosaic aneuploidies
7 5BB 46,XX / 46,XX,t(7;10)(q21.11;q11.23)a
  1. aEuploid embryos were re-classified after the detection of balanced translocation in the mother