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Table 2 Categories for digital FISH image analysis per probe type

From: One-fits-all pretreatment protocol facilitating Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded, fresh frozen and cytological slides

Breakapart probe Fusion probe Amplification probe
Normal (2F) Normal (2R, 2G) Normal (2R, 2G)
One pair (1F) One pair (1R, 1G) Ratio - Not amplified (ratio 1, ≥3R, ≥3G)
Breakapart (1F, 1R, 1G) Fusion (1(− 2)F) Ratio - Gaina
Single red (1F, 1R) Single red (2G, 1R) Ratio - Amplifieda
Single green (1F, 1G) Single green (2R, 1G) Copy number - Not amplifieda
Extra red (2F, ≥1R) Extra red (2G, ≥3R) Copy number - Gaina
Extra green (2F, ≥1G) Extra green (2R, ≥3G) Copy number - Amplifieda
Gain (3 - 8F) Gain (3 – 8R, 3 – 8G)  
Amplification (≥8F) Amplification (≥8R, ≥8G)  
  1. F Fusion signal, R Red/Orange signal, G Green signal
  2. aCriteria varies per probe as described in the legends of Table 1