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Fig. 4

From: The karyotype of Aegilops geniculata and its use to identify both addition and substitution lines of wheat

Fig. 4

PCR-based genotyping of Add L-1. Lane M: weight marker, lane 1: AS6, lane 2: YY2, lane 3: CM41, lane 4: Add L-1, lane 5: an Ae. geniculata × wheat derivative lacking Ae. geniculata chromatin. The amplicons were generated by a primer pair targeting (a) all Glu-1 sequences, (b) the gene encoding the x subunit of Glu-M1. The tailed arrow in (a) indicates the fragment amplified from the sequence encoding the Glu-M1y subunit and the tailless arrow from the sequence encoding the Glu-M1x subunit

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