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Fig. 5

From: Cell maps on the human genome

Fig. 5

Partial map of centroids of chromosome sites in H. sapiens sperm cell nucleus (updated). A, chromosomes with AP body map; D, chromosomes with DV body map (Chrs 3 and 5 are marginally AP). Each chromosome group appears to have a topologically distinct meta-territory in the nucleus: Anteroposterior chromosomes tend to occupy an anterior outer border region (with exception of Chrs 11 and 21), which surrounds an inner core that dorsoventral chromosomes occupy. (Of the 11 AP chromosomes, 11a and 21a have the two lowest AP r2 values; in this way, they are the weakest (most marginal) members of the AP group.) Each axis gives position-order of chromosomes. (Nucleus map is constructed from Tables S1 and S2, in [1]; based on Figures two and four of [12]). Best fit line for all 23 chromosome positions is included

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