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Fig. 1

From: Molecular cytogenetic identification of small supernumerary marker chromosomes using chromosome microarray analysis

Fig. 1

Cytogenetic and molecular results of case P8. The marker is highlighted by a red arrow in a, c and d. a In all of the studied cells, G-banding revealed a karyotype 47,XX,+mar. b The sSMC of case P8 characterized after SNP array covering 1.7 Mb [Arr[GRCh37]22q11.1q11.21(16,888,899_18,649,190) × 4] in chromosome 22. c and d Confirmatory metaphase and interphase FISH results of this sSMC using the RP11-958H20 probe specific for 22q11.1-22q11.2 revealed that all the cells had four distinct signals

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