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Fig. 4

From: The rare mutation in the endosome-associated recycling protein gene VPS50 is associated with human neural tube defects

Fig. 4

a A protein phylogenetic tree was constructed of obtained sequences. Zebrafish and other chordate Vps50 protein sequence were identified from the Uniprot database. Accession numbers: Human: Q96JG6; Rat: F1LSG8; Mouse: Q8CI71; Zebrafish: F1R0A4; Chicken: Q5ZKV9; Chimpanzee: H2QUX7; Bovine: F1ML08; Western clawed frog: A9UM56; Japanese pufferfish: H2UPA7. b Expression patterns of zebrafish vps50 during embryogenesis. Expression of vps50 gene was detected around the yolk sac at 1 dpf. Once the embryo reached the hatching period (2–3 dpf), vps50 expression was seen in the head and heart (Right Figure). Representative images of n = 3 replicates where with each replicate having at least 15 embryos. Control images of sense strand probed on early embryos (Left Figure)

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