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Fig. 1

From: The rare mutation in the endosome-associated recycling protein gene VPS50 is associated with human neural tube defects

Fig. 1

a Electropherograms showed the putative heterozygous mutation. The change in transcript sequences was depicted. b Alignment of VPS50 ortholog protein sequences using the ClustalW method. Multiple sequence alignment of the VPS50 indicated that p. Gly169 was highly evolutionarily conserved in vertebrates. Conserved residues were shaded by GeneDoc. The following sequences were used: human, NP_060137.2; Danio rerio (zebrafish), XP_017207797.1; Xenopus tropicalis (frog), NP_001107716.1; Mus musculus (mouse), NP_077222.4; Capra hircus (caprine), XP_005678979.1; Orangutan, XP_002818304.1; Rat, NP_001166982.1; Chicken, NP_001012872

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