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Fig. 2

From: Genomic instability in a chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient with mono-allelic deletion of the DLEU and RB1 genes

Fig. 2

FISH observations. a-d FISH study performed with a mixture of DLEU, 13q subtelomere, and RB1 probes. In a, the normal chromosome 13 shows the three expected signals (RB1 (green), DLEU (red) and 13q subtelomere (green)), whereas, only one 13q subtelomere signal is observed on the der(12) chromosome. All analyzed binucleated cells with NPB (b and c), as well as micronucleated cells (d), displayed a signal pattern concordant with RB1-DLEU deletion. e GTG-banded metaphase with translocation t(12;13). f The same metaphase was studied by FISH with the MDM2 amplification probe. The MDM2 red signal is observed on the der(13) chromosome evidencing that the breakpoint on the der(12) occurred centromeric to the MDM2 gene. MN = micronucleus

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