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Fig. 2

From: Clinical and molecular findings in nine new cases of tetrasomy 18p syndrome: FISH and array CGH characterization

Fig. 2

Metaphase spread (a) and corresponding Karyotype from patient 5 (b) showing a marker chromosome (Red arrow), array CGH (44 K) Results from patient 1 showing an homogenous gain of nearly the whole short arm of chromosome 18 (c), a mosaic duplication of nearly the same region (18p) found in patient 3 (d), FISH results from patient 5 using Totel Vysis Mix11 showing two normal chromosomes 18 and the isochromosome 18p (e), FISH results from patient 1 using TGIF probe (green signal) and 18p specific probe (red signal) (f), FISH results from patient 7 (g) using specific 18p subtelomeric probe (green signal) and centromere 18 (aqua)

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