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Fig. 1

From: 18q22.1-qter deletion and 4p16.3 microduplication in a boy with speech delay and mental retardation: case report and review of the literature

Fig. 1

Identification of chromosome 18 terminal deletion. a GTG banded karyotype of the case showing an aberration at distal 18q indicated by an arrow. b G-banding of chromosome 18 showing the deletion of 18q. c BAC-probes RP11-79A24 (orange) (18q22.1) (chr18:66,593,997-66,735,890) and RP11-90E1 (green) (18q12.3) (chr18:41,350,363-41,533,185) showing no deletion at 18q22.1 (chr18:66,593,997-66,735,890). d BAC-probes (green) (18q22.3) (chr18:71,881,306-71,881,983) and RP11-90 L7 (orange) (18q11.2) (chr18:23,355,089-23,520,954) revealing the deletion of 18q22.3. e BAC-probes RP11-7H17 (orange) (18q23) (chr18:77,115,373-77,301,252) and RP11-55 N14 (green) (18p11.31) (chr18:2,744,753-2,918,488) revealing the deletion of 18q23

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