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Fig. 3

From: Molecular cytogenetic identification of three rust-resistant wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum partial amphiploids

Fig. 3

FISH patterns of the wheat chromosomes in SN0389, SN0398 and SN0406 compared with the common wheat YN15. FISH patterns of YN15 (a), SN0389 (b), SN0398 (c), and SN0406 (d). In chromosomes H, I and J, on the left, were those in YN15, and those on the right were from the partial amphiploids. e, chromosome variations between YN15 and three partial amphiploids based on the FISH patterns. Among them, a, b, c and d indicated the corresponding chromosome of YN15, SN0389, SN0398 and SN0406 in turn

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