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Table 2 Probes used in FISH analysis of 7 couples

From: A feasible diagnostic approach for the translocation carrier from the indication of products of conception

Case Probea
Case 1 CEP6 Aqua; TEL17p SG; TEL6q SO
Case 2 CEP17 Aqua; TEL17p SG; TEL2q SO
Case 3 CEP16 Aqua; TEL16q SO; LSI13q14 SG
Case 11 TEL7p SG; CEP7 Aqua; TEL21q SO
Case 12 CEP15 Aqua; TEL15q SO; TEL20p SG
Case 13 TEL2q SG; TEL14q SO
Case 14 TEL3p SG; CEP9 Aqua; TEL9p SO
  1. SG spectrum green, SO spectrum orange, Aqua spectrum aqua
  2. aFISH test was performed on the metaphase of lymphocytes using telomeric probes