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Table 1 Karyotypes of chromosome 5 translocation carriers and their clinical features

From: A report of nine cases and review of the literature of infertile men carrying balanced translocations involving chromosome 5

Infertility causes Clinical findings Karyotype Giemsa banding
Pregestational infertility Azoospermia 46,XY,t(5;21)(q13;p12) Figure 1a
Gestational infertility Normal sperm density; a history of miscarriage, or normal fertility 46,XY,t(4;5)(q31;p15) Figure 1b
46,XY,t(5;11)(p14;p15) Figure 1c
46,XY,t(5;13)(q13;q12) Figure 1d
46,XY,t(5;18)(p13;p11) Figure 1e
46,XY,t(5;18)(p15;q11.2) Figure 1f
46,XY,t(5;20)(q13;q12) Figure 1g
46,XY,t(5;21)(p13;q22) Figure 1h
46,XY,t(5;22)(p11;p11) Figure 1i