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Fig. 3

From: Bone marrow failure may be caused by chromosome anomalies exerting effects on RUNX1T1 gene

Fig. 3

Cut-out of the chromosomes involved in the rearrangement in patient 2. In a and c the Q-banded chromosomes (normal 2 and 8 at the left). In b the painting result on the normal chromosome 2 (left) and on the rearranged one (right) with the chromosome 2 library. In d the result of dual color painting with chromosomes 2 and 8 libraries on the normal chromosome 8 (left) and on the rearranged one (right). In e the dual color FISH with the chromosome 2 library (red) and a probe recognizing the entire sequence of the RUNX1T1 gene, part of the system to detect the AML1/ETO translocation (Table 1) (green)

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