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Fig. 4

From: Familial intellectual disability as a result of a derivative chromosome 22 originating from a balanced translocation (3;22) in a four generation family

Fig. 4

CMA and real-time qPCR results. Whole-genome Chromosome microarray analysis for the proband(IV:5) was arr[GRCh37]. 3q28q29(188823885–197,851,986) × 3,22q13.33(49,505,152–51,183,871) × 1 pat. a CMA showing a 9.0-Mb duplication at 3q28q29; b CMA showing a 1.7-Mb deletion at 22q13.33. c Real-time qPCR showing the proband(IV:5) and the living patient (III:7) had the deletion of SHANK3 gene in 22q13.33, but the proband parents (III:8, III:9) were normal as control

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