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Fig. 1

From: A novel BCR-ABL1 fusion gene with genetic heterogeneity indicates a good prognosis in a chronic myeloid leukemia case

Fig. 1

Summary of FISH and molecular studies. a Image of bone marrow aspiration (400x) showing hypercellularity with elevated level of myeloblasts, eosinophils, and basophils. b FISH analysis. Separated green and red signals indicate probe-targeted sequences located on different chromosomes in a normal nucleus. Yellowish signal formed from the colocalization of green and red fluorescent signals indicates the fusion of BCR and ABL1 genes. c The breaking point (or fusion junction) and flanking sequences from BCR Intron 14 and ABL1 intron 2. d BCR-ABL1 cDNA sequence around the fusion junction and related chromatogram are shown. The junctions are indicated with arrows. e Image of bone marrow aspiration after imatinib targeted therapy. f FISH analysis after imatinib targeted therapy

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