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Table 1 Patient profile of parallel comparison

From: Identification of mosaic and segmental aneuploidies by next-generation sequencing in preimplantation genetic screening can improve clinical outcomes compared to array-comparative genomic hybridization

Patient number 45
Mean female age (years) 35.5 (21–42)
Baseline AMH(ng/mL)a 4.0 ± 3.7
Antral follicle counta 8.9 ± 4.4
 Severe male factor 5 (11.1%)
 Advanced female age (36 years) 20 (44.4%)
 Repeated implantation failure 14 (31.1%)
 Donated-oocyte recipient for single embryo transfer 6 (13.3%)
Number of embryos biopsied ( grade BC) 182
Number of embryos with WGA failure 4
Number of embryos screened by PGS 178
  1. AMH anti-Mullerian hormone, WGA whole genome amplification, PGS preimplantation genetic screening
  2. aData are presented as mean ± SD
  3. bData are presented as the number of the class (percentage of the class)