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Table 2 Comparison of readability of microarray-based chromosome nomenclature of 2013 [17] and 2016 edition of ISCN [9] in two examples

From: “Classical cytogenetics” is not equal to “banding cytogenetics”

  Nomenclature acc. to 2013 edition of ISCN [17] Nomenclature acc. to 2016 edition of ISCN [9]
Example 1 arr[hg19] 12p13.33p11.1(84,917-34,382,567)x3 arr[GRCh37] 12p13.33p11.1(84917_34382567)x3
Example 2 arr[hg19] 21q11.2q22.3(9,931,865-46,914,745)x1 arr[GRCh37] 21q11.2q22.3(9931865_46914745)x1