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Table 3 Overview of patients with 1p34.3 deletion. NM: Not Mentioned

From: Prenatal diagnosis of 1p34.3 interstitial microdeletion by aCGH in a fetus with jaw bone abnormalities

  Tokita et al. [7] proband 1 Tokita et al. [7] proband 2 Tokita et al. [7] proband 3 Tokita et al. [7] proband 4 Tokita et al. [7] proband 5 Martinez et al. [2] proband 1 Martinez et al. [2] proband 2 Takenouchi et al. [6]
Gender F F F M M M F F
Delivery age (weeks) 38 37 42 41 38 NM NM 37
Pregnancy and delivery Uncomplicated Uncomplicated Uncomplicated IUGR, neonatal sepsis IUGR, perinatal asphyxia NM NM Uncomplicated
Feeding difficulties No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Age 3y 9 m 10y 6 m 18y 17 m 13y 13y 8y 8y
Height (percentile) 24th 25th 50th <1st 90th-97th 50th 50th NM
Weight (percentile) 15th 2nd 5th 1st >97th 50th 50th NM
OFC (percentile) 3rd-10th 25th <<3rd <1st 2nd-10th 50th 50th NM
Developmental delay Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Facial deformities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Hypotonia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No