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Table 1 Autopsy observations of the embryo and the placenta

From: Prenatal diagnosis of 1p34.3 interstitial microdeletion by aCGH in a fetus with jaw bone abnormalities

Embryo Placenta
• Cleft palate
• Craniofacial malformations (severe posterior micrognathia, microtia)
• Narrow trunk with 11 pairs of thoracic and 1 pair of nuchal sides
• Abnormal position of fingers
• Talipes varus
• Knee flexion
• Dilatation of fourth ventricle
• Malformation of mitral valve
• Underweight placenta with increased fetus-placenta ratio
• Mitral decidual arteriopathy
• Low-grade acute chorioamniotis maternally derived, without any inflammatory reaction observed in the fetus