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Fig. 4

From: Application of a modified drop method for high-resolution pachytene chromosome spreads in two Phalaenopsis species

Fig. 4

FISH mapping of 5S rDNA on pachytene chromosomes. a Two distinct signals of 5S rDNA (green arrowheads) were observed in P. aphrodite subsp. formosana and the red signals represent telomeres. b Only one signal of 5S rDNA (green arrowhead) was detected in P. equestris. The 5S rDNA-located chromosomes of P. aphrodite subsp. formosana (c) and P. equestris (d) were straightened using ImageJ and arrowheads indicated the signals of 5S rDNA. The relative distance of a signal on a pachytene chromosome was shown as a percentage. The images of DAPI-stained chromosomes were converted to black and white. Scale bar = 10 μm

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